22 Disk - Read and Write CPM Disks in DOS



22DISK is a set of programs to copy, format, display and manipulate diskettes written on CP/M systems. Over 100 definitions are provided with the unregistered version; some 420 are provided with the registered product.

This file was distributed as 22DSK142.ZIP by Sydex.  Authentic Validation (-AV) should show that Sydex, Inc. was the originator.

CPM-TYPE.LST is an ASCII file listing all diskette formats now supported by 22DISK in its registered form.  22DISK.DOC is the documentation for 22DISK

It will also run under Win 9x in a full-screen DOS box.




Manufacturer : Sydex
Product : Utility
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. :
Operating System : DOS and Windows 95 98
Version : 1.42
Imaging Tool : Zip

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