Serif PagePlus Intro for Windows 3.1

PagePlus Intro - "Freeware" Windows DTP FREE Registration
Copyright (c) 1991-1994 Serif, Inc. In the US and Canada (603) 889-8650
In Europe +44 602 421502
In the UK (0602) 421502
Compuserve GO PAGEPLUS

As shareware disks: 2 x 3.5" (720k) disks


Now available, PagePlus Intro from Serif... a little brother to
PagePlus 2.0 our hot new Windows DTP package -- a high-end publisher with
a low-end price! PagePlus 2.0 is already Windows Magazine Recommended
(9/93 Pick a Publishing Powerhouse) and a Compute Choice Award Finalist.

PagePlus Intro gives you a full featured desktop publisher for Windows 3.1
-- and it only needs 2mb ram to run, and works with all Windows fonts and
printers. It's real neat. And the best part? PagePlus Intro is a fully
functioning publisher (NOT a demo) yet REGISTRATION is FREE for home and
personal use. PagePlus Intro makes most commercial Windows DTP packages
look real sad -- you'll be amazed!

Check out PagePlus Intro... Then give your friends a copy, and help us
spread the word!

To install from BBS: Just download the two ZIP files, unzip to disk,
then run INSTALL from within Windows.

To install from disks: Run INSTALL from disk 1 within Windows.

Manufacturer : Serif
Product : Application
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. :
Operating System : Windows 3.1
Version :
Imaging Tool : Zip

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