Compaq Presario Setup Disk - SP2141.EXE

Softpaq Solution: SP2141

Part Number: 183646-001

Title: Compaq Personal Computer SETUP for the Presario Family of Desktops

Language: English

CATEGORY: Diagnostics/Setup



Compaq Presario 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7200/7600, 8000, 9000 Family of Desktops

NOTE: The Presario 7100 Family of Computer have SETUP built into the ROM and this diskette is not required.

Compaq Personal Computer Diagnostics/TEST may also be required.
(Ver 10.10B is available in Softpaq SP1986).

OPERATING SYSTEM: not applicable


SUPERCEDES: SP1363 (PC Diagsnostics/SETUP version 10.06 rev E)

DESCRIPTION: This Softpaq creates one diskettes that allow a user to upgrade to Version 1.51/C rev A of Computer SETUP for Compaq Desktops/C, or to restore this utility to the Diagnostics Partition if that partition has been destroyed. SETUP is pre-installed on the Diagnostics Partition of the affected products and can be run by by pressing F10 when the cursor moves to the upper right corner of the screen during power-up or reboot. SETUP can also be run directly from the diskettes created by this SoftPaq.

SETUP allows the user to configure Security and Power Management settings as well as system resources (DMA, IRQ, I/O Ports, and Memory).

Compaq Personal Computer Diagnostics/TEST is also pre-installed on the Diagnostics Partition and can be accessed in the same way by pressing F10. If necessary to upgrade or restore the TEST utility, diskettes can be downloaded (for example, Ver 10.10B is available in Softpaq SP1986).

TEST contains programs that can TEST and INSPECT (display machine config) Compaq EISA and ISA machines from the Desktop and Portable Divisions.

Program Updates:

- DMA conflict corrected
- Corrects Set defaults changes to modem audio
- Supports dual modem systems
- Configures remote control UART
- Modem, Audio, and LPT settings correctly displayed
- Support for multiple DMA channels


- Some hardware configuration combinations not available for ESS Audio chip


1. Obtain 1 formatted 1.44 MB diskette.

2. Download the Softpaq to a directory on your hard drive and change to

that directory. The file that is downloaded is SP2141.EXE.

3. From that drive and directory, execute the Softpaq file:

SP2141 [ENTER]

You will be prompted to place the formatted 1.44 MB diskette into a

diskette drive to create the diskette.

4. After the diskettes are created, you may delete the downloaded file

SP2141.EXE if you wish.

5. To use Computer Setup, insert diskette in drive and Power Cycle your computer.

Copyright 1996, Compaq Computer Corporation. All rights reserved.

Product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered

trademarks of their respective companies.

Manufacturer : Compaq
Product : Operating System
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. : SP2141
Operating System :
Version : 1.51/C Rev A
Imaging Tool : Zip

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