Region Switch for SONY DVD players based on the MB-78 board

Advanced solding experience is needed! Read this instructions and look at your MB-78 board – if you have any doubts about doing this without damaging the board, it's cheaper and wiser to have your player modified by professionals.

· There are better region switching solutions on the market. My solution has the following advantages: Almost no costs, all self-made, no firmware exchange. Disadvantages: Region switch by switches and not by remote control, after changing the switches the player has to be unplugged from power. Until now only region 1 and 2. If I knew the right model numbers (to see in diagnostics Mode) from other regions, also these regions could be done. Res earch will go on and improvements could be made...

· All following instructions are based on my work with a region 1 DVP-S500D player (firmware 17), but should work on any player of any region based on the MB-78 board.

· The MB-78 board is located on top of the drive, covered by a shielding metal

· The following models are believed to be also equipped with the MB-78 board: DVP-M30, DVP-M35, DVP-S300, DVPS305, DVP-S315, DVP-S501D, DVP-S505D, DVP-C600D, DVP-S715, DVP-S915

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