Roland LA-Synth Editor and Librarian

Welcome to the Roland LA-Synth Editor and Librarian

To make selective downloading possible this Ed/Lib is zipped into
three different ZIP files.

LA31WIN1.ZIP : This file contains all Ed/Lib related files plus a
very small database with 8 timbres in it. You must
have this ZIP file to start the Ed/Lib.

LA31WIN2.ZIP : This file contains a large database with more than
4500 timbres. This file is not needed to start the
Ed/Lib. If you are looking for new sounds though,
I suggest you download it.

VBRUN300.ZIP : This file contains the Visual Basic Runtime module
VBRUN300.DLL, if you already have this file then there
is no need for you to download this third ZIP file.

If you enjoy using this program, please support the author with the
suggested shareware donation. Have fun and enjoy !

Ren‚ di Giovanni.

Manufacturer : Roland
Product : Driver Sound
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. :
Operating System :
Version :
Imaging Tool : Zip

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