DAO DOS - Freeware DOS CD Writer Software

Freeware Program Descriptions:

Copies a single-track data CD from any SCSI based CDROM drive
directly to the CD recorder. The reader must be faster than the
recorder (i.e. 4X reader when recording at 2X, or a 2X reader
when recording at 1X).

Copies a CD from any SCSI based CDROM drive to an "image" file
on disk. This file can then be used by FILE2CD to write the image
to the CD recorder. These two programs will allow someone who
doesn't have a SCSI CDROM drive on their system to make copies of
CDs using only their CD recorder for both reading the source disc
and writing the new disc. FILE2CD can also be used to make ISO9660
discs if you already have a program that can build ISO image files.
You must use the /POSTGAP switch so that the proper track postgap
is written to the disc.

Copies a SCSI harddrive block-by-block to the CD recorder. This
program can be used to make native VMS and Unix CDs from the PC.
The harddrive cannot be larger than the capacity of a CDROM (650Mb).
NOTE: DOS and NT CDROMs must be in ISO9660 format, so making an
image copy of a PC disk won't work.

This program is a collection of miscellaneous CDROM/CD-R tools
with the following functions...
- Display a disc's table-of-contents.
- Erase a disc (CD-RW only).
- Finalize a session/disc.
- Load a disc (tray models only).
- Eject a disc.

Please refer to CDTOOLS.TXT for more information.

Manufacturer :
Product : Utility
Original Format : PC CD-ROM
Part No. :
Operating System : DOS
Version : 3.3e
Imaging Tool : Zip

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