DiskDupe Conversion Utility for DOS

DDCONVERT INFO Last Updated 3/15/97 Copyright (C) 1995-97 MSD, Inc.
Serial Number 755-000-123

DiskDupe Conversion Utility 1.0 Release 8
* DDConvert converts other image formats into DiskDupe images and
updates old DiskDupe images to DiskDUpe 5.1 format.

* Type DDCONV /? for an information screen

* DDCONV auto-senses what type of image is being converted. You
can enter wilcard characters to convert several images at once.

* Images supported are: Multi-Dupe, PCCOPY, ADC PCCOPY,
Microsoft raw images, DataPath and IBM LoadDskf.

Useful Tips
* If you want to expedite the conversion process, you should copy all the
images that need to be converted over to a specific hard drive
subdirectory, then use the DOS wildcard character to specify which
images you want to convert. For example type DDCONV *.* to convert all
files in the subdirectoy, or type DDCONV *.ddi to convert all old
DiskDupe images to the new format.

* When using DDCONV to update your old DiskDupe images, your old images are
automatically backed up and renamed with a .OLD extension. If you are
converting a lot of images, this can fill up your hard drive real fast.
Use the /D switch to have DDCONV automatically delete your old images after
it converts them. If you do this, your original DiskDupe image will be
irrecoverable. For example: DDCONV *.DDI /D.

Manufacturer :
Product : Utility
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. :
Operating System : DOS
Version : 1.0
Imaging Tool : Zip

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