GUS MOD Sample Ripper

For The Gravis Ultrasound
Copyright (c) 1993 Michael J. Sutter
 Released on April 12, 1993

What is Ripper?
Ripper is a utility program for Mod composers that
allows users to load a MOD file, audition the samples, and
save all or selected samples to disk for use in their own MOD files.

What type of MOD files does Ripper support?
Ripper supports the following MOD types :
- Pro/Noise tracker 15 and 31 sample
- FastTracker 6 and 8 channel
- StarTrekker FLT4 and FLT8

What is required?
Ripper requires the following equipment.
-286 or better
-101 keyboard
-Gravis Ultrasound card

How to use Ripper.
To start ripper : type "ripper"
should be the name of the mod file you want to load.
If no extension is entered, ripper will assume it to be .mod.
Ripper will then load the MOD file into the GUS's onboard memory.

Loading the MOD file may take a little while.
Don't worry the program has not locked up :)

After loading the MOD file, Ripper will now display it's main screen.
At the Top of the screen the name of the MOD file will be displayed
along with the size of the MOD file. The name that is displayed is
the internal name of the MOD file, not the dos file name.

Along the bottom of the screen you will see function key descriptions,
and at the bottom right corner of the screen the current playback frequency
will be displayed.

What keys do what?

F1(Help) : Will bring up a help screen that shows all available keys
and a detailed description of what they do.

F2(About Ripper) : Will bring up the About Ripper screen.

F3(About MOD) : Will bring up a screen with information about the
currently loaded MOD file

Up,Down,Left,Right arrow : Will move the sample highlight bar.

Home : Will move the highlight bar to the first available sample.

End : Will move the highlight bar to the last available sample.

Enter : Will play the highlighted sample.

S : Will save the highlighted sample to disk.

A : Will save all samples in the MOD to disk.

**** Note ****
Ripper will save the sample off to disk with the
file name: .
Example : saving the 3rd sample in DasBoot.mod will be
saved to disk as dasboot.3

/ , * : Will allow you to scroll through popular playback frequencies.

+ , - : Will raise or lower playback frequency by 1000

Ctrl +,- : Will raise or lower playback frequency by 100

Alt +,- : Will raise or lower playback frequency by 10

F5 : Will save the current playback frequency to disk.
This will become the default frequency at program start up.

F6 : Will load saved frequency from disk.

ESC : Will end Ripper and return to DOS.

Notes about Ripper :
I've tried my best to clean up the popping or clicking noise that some
samples seem to make, but I've been unable to get rid of some of them.
I did not intend for the playback to be the main attraction of Ripper so,
please don't judge a sample as being bad if it exhibits a popping or
clicking noise from within Ripper.
Most of the time sounds that exhibit background noise or pops and clicks
from within Ripper, will sound just fine in a MOD file.

Ripper version 1.0 was written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 and uses the
following Units:
-Oliver Fromme's GUSUNIT
-Harald Thunem's HTSCREEN

Thanks go to:
-Oliver Fromme: Thanks again for GusUnit, Olli
-Harald Thunem : Great user interface unit, made my programming life
alot easier :)
-Tran and Cyberstrike of Renaissance : Keep up the GREAT work guys.
Note to Cyberstrike, PLEASE send me a copy of the source to Gusmod 2.11
Or clue me in on how to calc. the points for volume ramping.

-Rhys : Thanks for the legal stuff, I hate to write this kind of stuff.

Also someone in posted some code for ripping
sounds out of a module awhile back. I learned alot about the MOD format
from this file, unfortuntly I lost his e-mail address and name.
If you see this please E-Mail me so I can give you proper credit in
future releases.
All the MOD composers around the world
It still blows me away what some of you can do with a couple of samples
and a MOD editor. Keep it up.

All the GUS users on
Don't let all the GUS bashers on the net get you down, I think
I would be upset too if I had spent money on a soundcard
other then the GUS :)

All the GUS programmers out there
Keep up the good work. Lets see what amazing things this card can do.

Advanced Gravis and Forte Technologies:
Keep up the good work guys, I know we rag on you alot (especially John Smith)
but I for one appreciate all the hard work you are doing.

Now for the good stuff (NOT!)
Legal Stuff

Postware Notice:
Ripper is not free!, but almost. Please use it for a trial period of 14 days,
and should you decide to keep it, send a post card to the address
listed at the end of this document. Thats it, no money, first born, or anything
like that. Just a simple post card from your home area.
Registration means free support via phone, e-mail, and mail,
as well as prompt updates, and endless guilt-free, morally correct,
and karmically safe usage. ;)

Commercial Distribution is Restricted. It may not be distributed for
profit or included in any CD ROM or floppy disk based collection of
software without expressed written permission. (Basically I just want
to know you are going to be distributing it, and I will grant permission.)

Individuals, On-line services, and User Groups are encouraged to distribute
Ripper provided it is NOT MODIFIED IN ANY WAY.

Disclaimer: (sorry, gotta have one)

Michael J. Sutter shall take no responsibility for any harm/damage
caused by using this program. It has been extensively tested, but no
guarantees are made for the functionality of this program. Use it at
your own risk. (There shouldn't be any risk, but I'm not taking that
***Ripper has been extensively tested on a Comtrade 486/33
Unfortunately I'm the only GUS owner I know of in my area
(The Big Island of Hawaii) so I have not had a chance to test
it on any other systems. PLEASE send me e-mail if you run into any
compatibility problems with Ripper.

Please send e-mail with your comments, complaints, suggestions,
or bug reports to

My mail address for post card registration is
Michael J. Sutter
16-1810 Pahoa Hwy
Keaau, Hi 96714

Phone (808)966-6169 (Voice ONLY)

Manufacturer :
Product : Application
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. :
Operating System :
Version : 1.0
Imaging Tool : Zip

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