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WAVE-to for Windows is a sample editing / conversion system that works under Microsoft Windows version 3.1 (and above). It is Midi-aware, and can transmit Midi Sample Dumps.

WAVE-to can freely convert between many different sample formats, including: Windows RIFF Files (WAV), Ultrasound (.PAT), SoundBlaster (VOC), SampleVision (SMP), Apple / Amiga (AIFF), Atari (MOD), (SAM), (8SVX), Sample Dump (SDS), Sun / DEC / UNIX / NeXT (AU), (SND), Wired for Sound / SoundTools (SND) and Yamaha SY85 and TX16W wave files (W01).

Two different MIDI note generators are included to aid the testing of samples downloaded to synths / sequencers.

WAVE-to for Windows will be of particular interest to Yamaha SY85 owners, as it can read and write SY85-format sample disks directly.

WAVE-to allows all the normal editing functions, including Cut, Paste and Crop; On-screen graphical editing of sample loop points; Zooming; and has Sample Manipulation functions such as Re-Sampling, CrossFading, and automatic loop detection.

Samples can be auditioned on any PC equipped with a Windows 3.1 compatible wave card and appropriate audio drivers.

Manufacturer : Morphology Ltd
Product : Application
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. :
Operating System :
Version : 2.0d
Imaging Tool : Zip

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