Multimedia Pro 16 IIB-3D Sound Card Drivers

Aztech Labs Multimedia Pro 16 IIB-3D

Oriole 16B-3D Sound Card

2 Disks


Multimedia Pro 16 IIB-3D  v1.00


   This file contains additional information and changes about the

   various software that was not available at printing time.



   CD-ROM Drive Support



   The bundled CD-ROM device driver supports only on the following drives:


   Driver           CD-ROM Model

   ------           ------------

   SGIDECD.SYS -   Aztech CDA268-03I / CDA268-03ISE / CDA468-01I /CDA668-01I



   Using Digital (.WAV) Audio with DOS 6.x's DoubleSpace*



   The DoubleSpace utility included with DOS 6.x can cause problems

   if you attempt to play or record "high data rate" (i.e.: stereo/

   44.1kHz/16-bit) digital audio to or from a compressed disk.


   Therefore, if you anticipate that you will be playing or recording

   a lot of stereo/44.1kHz/16-bit digital audio, you should set up a

   non-compressed drive partition and configure the audio application

   to use this drive as their Work and Temp directories. 


   For information on setting up a non-compressed partition for your

   hard drive, refer to your DOS 6.x Users Guide. 


   The same procedure should be followed if you are using Stacker, a

   third-party disk compression utility.



   Notes About Using EMM386.EXE



   When running applications with EMM386.EXE installed, the following

   error message may appear:


      "EMM386 DMA buffer is too small"


   You can overcome this problem in two ways:


      - remove the EMM386.EXE entry from the CONFIG.SYS file




      - add the following parameter to the EMM386.EXE entry in the

        CONFIG.SYS file:




           where D specifies how many kilobytes of memory should be

           reserved for buffered Direct Memory Access (DMA).


        An example of this may be:


           C:WINDOWSEMM386.EXE D=64





        *  In case you encounter any problem with our products,   *

        *  please quote the following model(s) when calling our   *

        *  Technical Support :                                    *

        *                             Oriole 16B-3D Sound Card    *



                        -------  The End  ---------

Manufacturer : Aztech Labs
Product : Driver Sound
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. : 041-101114-101 & 102
Operating System : DOS and Windows 3.1
Version : 1.00
Imaging Tool : Zip

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