Compaq ProLinea 386sx - Windows 3.1 Display Driver


Display Drivers
Microsoft Windows 3.1 Support Diskette

The files in this directory provide support for using Windows 3.1 in extended display modes on supported Compaq systems.

If your system came with Windows pre-installed on the hard drive, the drivers for your system should already be installed for use with Windows 3.1.  Use the Windows Setup program to select a display driver for use.  You may run setup from the DOS command prompt or from within Windows by clicking on the Windows Setup icon in the Main Program Group.  The following display drivers are available for use with your system:

Compaq/Paradise 1024x768 16-colors

Compaq/Paradise 640x480 256-color

Super VGA (800x600, 16 colors)

The Super VGA 800x600, 16 color driver is provided by Microsoft as part of Windows 3.1.  The other two drivers are provided by Compaq. 

If Windows 3.1 was not pre-installed on the hard drive, you will need to install it prior to installing the display drivers.  The files in this directory should be copied to a diskette prior to performing the steps outlined in the next section.


Manufacturer : Compaq
Product : Driver Graphics
Original Format : 3.5
Part No. : 050892 Rev A
Operating System : Windows 3.1
Version : 1.0
Imaging Tool : Zip

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