Diamond Monster 3DFX Video Upgrade Card Drivers

Diamond SuperCD

This README file contains the following information:

1. Contents of the CD
2. How to start the CD
3. Structure of the CD
4. After the Diamond card is installed, Windows 95
asks for a driver disk, but you only have a CD
5. Having problems reading manuals and information?

1. Contents of the CD

The Super CD is part of the product that you have purchased and
contains driver software and additional programs and tools that
are necessary or useful for the operation of the product.

Besides the software, the SuperCD contains the latest information
about our company.

Should you encounter problems while using one of our products, the
tips and tricks compiled by our hotline provide answers to the most
frequent questions. These tips and tricks are also on the CD.

2. How to start the CD

Starting the CD is easy, regardless of the operating system you
use. For DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 or Windows NT, simply
execute START.EXE.
The only exception: for OS/2, execute STARTOS2.

Where you need to click to access the CD's contents shouldn't
require any further explanation. And don't worry--as long as you
don't explicitly start an installation, nothing will be copied or
installed to your hard disk.

3. Structure of the CD

Below is a brief overview of the CD's structure with notes on the
important files and directories. It's usually not necessary to
"manually" search the CD since almost all functions can be accessed
with the START program.

START .EXE Start program for DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows95, WindowsNT
STARTOS2.EXE Start program for OS/2

DOCS Product documentation
DRIVERS INF directory for Windows 95 Plug and Play installations
ENG Tips, tricks and HTML pages (English)
GER Tips, tricks and HTML pages (German)
INSTALL Directory with automated installations, grouped by
categories and cards.

4. After the Diamond card is installed, Windows 95
asks for a driver disk, but you only have a CD

When an unknown Plug and Play device is installed, Windows 95 requests
a driver disk. Refer Windows to the DRIVERS directory of the SuperCD,
for example E:DRIVERS. Windows 95 will then find the right driver
installation automatically.

However, please note that this kind of installation is only the
possible installation. In most cases, an installation with the START
program provides extra features for your product and should be
after the minimum Windows installation.

5. Having Problems reading manuals and information?

You need a state-of-the-art Internet browser to read the information
section and some manuals on the CD. Normally you will already have
such a browser installed on your system. However, if this is not the
case, you may install Microsoft Explorer via START.EXE ->
"Installation", "Software".
Attention - Windows NT 3.51 users: After the installation you must
start the Internet Explorer at least once 'manually' from the Program
Manager. This will set up the links between the browser and the HTML
files properly and enable START.EXE correctly.



Manufacturer : Diamond Multimedia Systems
Product : Driver Graphics
Original Format : PC CD-ROM
Part No. :
Operating System : Windows 95
Version :
Imaging Tool : Zip

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