Disk Imaging Programs

Many of the files on this website are created using disk imaging programs and then compressed to save server space, bandwidth and download time.
Listed below are links to the programs you may need to unarchive these files ...


OmniFlop is a ‘universal’ floppy disk reader, writer, and tester for the IBM PC or compatible which can handle alien floppy disk formats not normally supported by DOS, Windows and Linux. If you want to read a floppy disk from another system on your PC then you will probably need OmniFlop. But OmniFlop on its own transfers disks between systems. If you want to access files, for example, on these disks then you need more - you will need to use OmniFlop to image the disk, then other software to interpret the filing system.

22DISK - Read & Write CP/M Disks from DOS

22DISK is a set of programs to copy, format, display and manipulate diskettes written on CP/M systems. Over 100 definitions are provided with the unregistered version; some 420 are provided with the registered product. It will also run under Win 9x in a full-screen DOS box.
22DISK Read and Write CP/M Disks from DOS

AnaDisk - Copy Almost Any Floppy Disk

AnaDisk is a comprehensive diskette utility.  It will examine, edit, repair, format and copy almost any diskette. It is NOT FREE SOFTWARE - but "user supported" Shareware.
AnaDisk - Copy Almost Any Diskette

RawWrite (RAWrite) - Read & Write DOS Boot Disks

RawWrite (or rawrite) is an essential tool for creating boot disks and other floppy disk images.
RAWrite - Create DOS Floppy Disk Images

Adobe PDF Reader

If you need an older version of the Adobe PDF reader for your vintage computer, we have a few available to download in our PC Drivers & Files section.
Adobe PDF Reader

PKZip - Unpack ZIP files

If you need an older version of PKzip or PKunzip for your vintage computer, we have a few available to download in our PC Drivers & Files section. 
PKzip and PKunzip
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